In the company, Laugh Productions, there are members of the company. The President and the founder of the company is Aaron Moon. The company is still hiring a Vice President, and the 12 Board of Directors.


Current: Aaron Moon
The President of the company is the highest position. It is usually taken by the owner and founder of the company unless he or she decides to pass his or her position to a trusted worker, most likely one of the board members or the Vice President. The President handles all decisions when it comes to producing series. They are also the ones who handle the releases for each series.

Vice PresidentEdit

Current: Unknown
The Vice President is the second highest position in the company. The Vice President takes over the company when the President is away or deceased, unless the President has decided to give the position to someone else. The Vice President helps the President with decisions but does not have the last say. He or she handles all requests and most of the releases.

Board of DirectorsEdit

Board of Directors: Unknown
The Board of Directors are a group of trustees that help with the decisions. Each Directors have different departments that they handle. The list of Departments are:

  • Online
  • Characters
  • Episodes
  • Production
  • Editing
  • Releases
  • Photos
  • Script
  • Request
  • Feedback
  • Proposal
  • Presentation
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